Track private YouTube Playlists

In order to track your private YouTube playlists you need to set their visibility from private to unlisted. Afterwards add those unlisted playlists to this page to get tracked.
More about unlisted YouTube playlists

If you're the owner of a playlist, you can set your playlist public, private, or unlisted on YouTube. In contrast to a private playlist, anyone with a link to an unlisted playlist can see and share such a playlists. Videos of unlisted playlists do not show up on YouTube search.

RecoverMy.Video APP is not able to track your private playlists but your unlisted playlists. So this is kind of a workaround.


•  How to change the privacy setting of a playlist from "private" to "unlisted"

•  How to track your YouTube "Favorites" playlist

Add unlisted YouTube Playlist

Decide on a search criteria to find an unlisted YouTube playlist:

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Unlisted Playlists

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