How to track your "Favorites" YouTube playlist

Tracking your YouTube "Favorites" playlist with RecoverMy.Video APP is not that convenient as with RecoverMy.Video. The reason is that RecoverMy.Video APP is not able to access authenticated content like your "Favorites" playlist. But there's a workaround (And another workaround for private playlists).

  1. Option 1

    Depending on your YouTube interface language setting it is possible or not to change the privacy setting of your "Favorites" playlist. If it's possible the easiest way is to put the privacy setting from "private" to "unlisted".

    Check this how-to article how to set a "private" playlist to "unlisted".

    Changing the YouTube interface language on desktop to "English (US)" worked to display the privacy setting dropdown. So it makes sense to switch to "English (US)" in order to use the privacy setting and then switch back to your former language setting. Your "Favorites" playlist will keep the adjusted privacy setting.

    Some user may experience an error message "Unlisted privacy is not supported for the playlist. Please use public or private." when trying to set the "unlisted" setting for the "Favorites" playlist on YouTube. If you see this message then you have to go with "Option 2" or set the "public" privacy setting.

  2. Option 2

    If option 1 is not an option you have to copy the videos of your "Favorites" playlist to a new "public" or "unlisted" playlist.

    1. Go to your playlist on YouTube desktop
    2. Click the icon with the 3 dots
    3. Select "Add all to..."
    4. Create new playlist (e.g. "Favorites copy")
    5. Set the privacy setting of your newly created playlist to "public" or "unlisted"
    6. Check how-to track "unlisted" playlists. "Public" playlists get tracked automatically.

    The obvious disatvantage of this copy process is that you have to repeat it from time to time to cover newly added videos to you "Favorites" playlist.

If you don't like both options the last resort is to keep your "Favorites" private and track it with RecoverMy.Video.
If you change a playlist's privacy setting from "private" to "public" your playlist gets tracked automatically and you can omit adding your playlist on the playlists page. Please be aware that public playlists can bee seen by everyone on YouTube!
Please be aware that persons with a link to your unlisted playlist can see its videos. As long as you don't share your unlisted playlist link no-one should see it. Use at your own risk.