How to track your private YouTube playlists

Tracking your private YouTube playlists with RecoverMy.Video APP is not that convenient as with RecoverMy.Video. The reason is that RecoverMy.Video APP is not able to access authenticated content like your private playlist.

The workaround to track your private playlists is to change their privacy setting from "private" to "unlisted" or "public".

In the following steps we're covering the case that you want to hide your playlist from other people so we're changing the privacy setting to "unlisted":

  1. Step 1
    Go to your channel on YouTube
  2. Step 2
    Click the "Playlists" tab
  3. Step 3
    Click the "view full playlist" of the desired playlist you would like to track
  4. Step 4
    Below your playlist name there's a selection with a default to "private". Change it to "unlisted".
  5. Step 5
    Copy the URL/link of your playlist from your browser's internet address address bar.
  6. Step 6
    Go to the playlists page and paste the playlist URL/link into the search criteria text field.
  7. Step 7
    If the playlist was found you're done! Your unlisted playlists get tracked.
If you change a playlist's privacy setting from "private" to "public" your playlist gets tracked automatically and you can omit adding your playlist on the playlists page. Please be aware that public playlists can bee seen by everyone on YouTube!
If you prefer to watch a video how to change the privacy setting of a playlist please see this video on YouTube
Please be aware that persons with a link to your unlisted playlist can see its videos. As long as you don't share your unlisted playlist link no-one should see it. Public playlists are visible to everyone! Use at your own risk.