Why was certain video platform data deleted from my device?

There are 2 cases when data on RecoverMy.Video APP gets deleted:

  1. Rentention time reached
    Due to the terms of the supported video platforms the recovered video titles may be saved on your device for a maximum of 30 days. After 30 days the recovered video titles get deleted from your device.
  2. Your device runs on low storage
    In certain constellations (device type, operating system version, browser type and version) it can happen that your browser's database gets purged when your device runs on low storage. In that case it's not just RecoverMy.Video's data (API keys, channels, playlists, videos) gets deleted. Also any other websites's data saved by your browser in its database is affected.

In case of a purged database please just re-enter your API keys and video platform channels.